Top NFL draft prospects positives for bottom dwelling teams

Over the past weekend, the NFL draft took place in Dallas, Texas. All 30 teams selected the top collegiate athletes to benefit their teams in upcoming seasons. The top athletes are looking forward to making names for themselves these upcoming coming training camps.

Pick 1

The first pick in the draft was highly touted by fans and reporters alike all offseason. The massive amount of hype surrounding who will be taken by the Browns first, as well as three picks later at number four. Usually two or three weeks away from the draft information starts leaking to the press and public, but not this year. They made us wait, surrounded by a stipulation until the envelope reached Goodell. Baker Mayfield, picked first overall, was not a welcome sight to fans around Cleveland. Mayfield has been previously compared to the significant bust Johnny Manziel, offering no good memories to Browns fans. His offseason antics, his play on the field, and size. But Baker is not Johnny. Baker can stay in the pocket; Baker has a great reliable and robust arm. Baker, in my opinion, is better than Manziel. Johnny wasn’t ever ready for the NFL. His play style is made for NCAA domination. He was the fastest player on the field as well as one of the smartest, just not in the NFL. Baker is everything Johnny isn’t, which is why he’ll be successful. It’s a long shot, and possibly a terrible take, but I think Mayfield will shine in Cleveland. I believe that his arm and speed will be able to get him out of the pocket when collapses, which will often be. But when it does hold up, Baker can stand in the pocket, take the pressure and get rid of the ball accurately. I’ve thought all along that Baker is a first pick caliber player, wondering why all the so-called “experts” projected him outside of the first round.

Pick 2

Saquon Barkley, the best athlete in the draft, was often discussed in contention for the first pick but fell to the New York Giants at number two. If he would’ve dropped any farther, the Browns could’ve had the best draft in history by selecting him at number four. That being said, Barkley will have an immediate contribution to the team. Jonathan Stewart, who had a successful stint with the Carolina Panthers, will be quickly dismissed by excited fans looking to see the Heisman nominated running back do work against NFL defenses the same way he did to D1 defenses. Saquon is built like a veteran back as a rookie. He’s got power, speed, and athleticism. He can jump over 6’5’’ backs with ease and run twenty more yards downfield. He can snake through defensive lines to crash for a forty yard touchdown run from a play designed to gain two or three yards. Saquon Barkley is a new breed of athlete, equivalent to a 5-tool prospect in baseball. He very well could’ve gone first overall in the draft, and perhaps may make the Browns pay for not taking a chance on him.

Pick 3

Sam Darnold, as well as Josh Rosen, has been debated as a possible first pick since his first spring practice as a freshman at USC. The Jets have been looking at adding him since before that. New York was projected to pick first overall this year, but the didn’t lose all 16 games as the Browns did. Darnold is a prototypical quarterback like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. He stands in the pocket and hits targets downfield. He’s not mobile, but as time has told, mobile quarterbacks don’t equate to the greatness of pocket arms. Sam Darnold has the attributes to be celebrated in the NFL. His arm, his accuracy, the only thing he needs to work on is limiting interceptions. If he can do that, he can avoid the likes of Jay Cutler and become an even better prime, Carson Palmer.

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