National treasure eagle Dad Decorah still missing

Seventy feet above the ground, on a nest called N2B placed on a cottonwood tree in Decorah, there remains a female bald eagle, Mother Decorah, and her three eaglets known as D29, D30 and D31. The Decorah eagles are an American Bald Eagle family that are live streamed 24 hours, every day since 2006, and they have a following of 400 million online viewers.

Dad Decorah started the Decorah eagles by building a nest, N0, sometime before 2006 with his original mate, OM. Although there isn’t much information about N0, but as a nonprofit environmental organization, The Raptor Resource Project has been recording every single second of the eagles’ lives, including when Mom Decorah entered the life of Dad Decorah.

The Raptor Resource was established in 1988, and  they specialize in the preservation of big birds such as falcons, hawks, owls, eagles and ospreys. Although they maintain over 40 different nests and nest sites, the Decorah eagles are their most famous residents.

The second nest, N1, was built in the beginning of 2007 by Mom and Dad Decorah 80 feet above the ground, and it weighed about 1,300 pounds. The successful nest has fledged 14 eaglets, but after a windstorm in 2012, a nest close by fell on one of the branches, and the Decorah eagles had to go through another journey to build their new home.

The Decorah eagles started building N2 in October 2012. which was ready by the 2013 nesting season. The couple managed to fledge six eaglets within the years of 2013 and 2014, but they had to move again because their home was destroyed by a storm.

This time, the Raptor Resource decided to take  matters into their own hands and built a nest called N2B to honor their teammate Bob, who was very excited to build the nest but passed away before it could happen. N2B currently has three eaglets but Dad Decorah is gone.

Dad Decorah, the oldest family member and a father of 31, was last seen 7.30 a.m on April 18 following a snowstorm and has been missing since. Although search teams have looked for him, they stopped after no evidence.

After 12 years of togetherness, the absence of Dad Decorah has made life much harder for Mom Decorah because it is hard for her to leave the eaglets alone and go hunt. Although there has been another male bald eagle spotted flying around the nest, the professionals confirmed that it isn’t Dad Decorah.

The strong and powerful Mother Decorah seems to be managing the nest for now, but Dad Decorah being gone seems to worry everyone; fans from all around the world are mourning and hoping Dad Decorah comes back home.

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