Athlete of the Week: Clare Rolinger

Clare Rolinger


Clare has been playing on the Women’s golf team for the past 4 years. She has played at the state championship, being part of the team taking home two consecutive state championships. In her final year as a tiger she leads the team into another successful season.

How long have you been playing golf? 

I’ve played golf for about 12 years. I staç

What has been your biggest accomplishment this season so far? 

We haven’t had much of a season quite yet because of the weather, so I’d probably have to say my biggest accomplishment has been going out and practicing in spite of the freezing wind and snow.

What are some struggles you have faced with golf? 

Golf is mentally taxing and quite frusterating at times. It’s not just a physical, it’s mental too, and that can be hard.

What are some of your personal goals? 

My personal goal for this season is to act as a leader on varsity and to enjoy my last year golfing with my coach and my teammates.

What are some team goals?

As a team we hope to have four (or more) varsity mambers shooting consistently in the 40s and we’d like to take another trip back to the state tournament as well.

Favorite memory from this or previous seasons?

My favorite memory from this season so far has probably been my time in the van with my teammates. Golf is a serious game, but our team really likes to goof around and have some fun too.

Are you planning on golfing after this season?

I’m not planning on golfing collegiately. I might join an intramural team, but other than that I’ll simply be golfing on my own time in the summer with my friends and family.

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