Student art featured for display at Veridian; 14 CFHS artists’ works join those from three other Valley high schools

Veridian Credit Unions throughout Iowa have partnered with local high schools to showcase original artwork at the annual ArtShare Premiere. The program, which launched in 2002, allows high school artists of varying mediums to have their work exhibited at one of Veridian’s locations in Coralville, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Waverly and Ankeny.

On March 5, artwork from students from Cedar Falls High School, Columbus Catholic High School, Waterloo East High School and Waterloo West High School was unveiled at the Waterloo location. The artwork will remain at Veridian for the next year on display for customers as well as the public.

Cedar Falls High School had 14 artists selected for the premiere, including Tyler Ausborn, Emerald Barnes-Seger, Samuel Dickey, Joseph Dunning, Marissa Francis, Lexie Godfrey, Sofia Muñoz, Andrew Nickey, Claire Sanderman, Maddie Schmidt, Lizzie Shockley, Demir Tuken, David Verastegui and Lexie Zaugg.

The selection process for the showcase was headed by art department heads Lisa Klenske and Emily Olson.

“Ms. Klenske and I try to choose a wide variety of work so we have different media and projects representing all that we offer at Cedar Falls High School,” Olson said.

Art projects from CFHS students included a variety of mediums, from graphic art to sculpture to watercolor to marker pieces.

“We try to take into account who is a senior and if students are going to be able to have another opportunity to make something next year to be able to have work available to display the following year,” Olson said. “Ultimately, we choose student work that is at the top of their class, whether that is done through technique, design, or meaning behind the work.”

Schmidt had a ceramic piece selected for the show, constructed from coils and and squares to construct a spiral effect.

“This was my first clay project in years. I had the perfect idea in my head, but it took me about a week to come up with a plan to have it look how I wanted. Drawing is my favorite medium, so working with clay definitely posed a challenge,” Schmidt said.

“I’m looking forward to having my name in the community and being recognized for something I’m passionate about.”

Schmidt shares the excitement with her fellow featured artists, including sophomore Muñoz, who had a group of portraits of her grandmother selected to be hung for the next year at the Credit Union. “I was taken aback and honored,” Muñoz said of learning she was selected. “I would have never imagined being selected for something like that.”

“Being able to go to the bank and see some of the most creative pieces I’ve seen is quite an experience. You don’t go to the bank expecting to stay there for 20 minutes just looking around. Seeing the creative, talented artists we have in this town is quite something,” Muñoz said.

Other mediums by CFHS artists include Dunning’s graphic art; Nickey’s portrait of Edgar Allen Poe, which includes a variety of mediums from markers, India ink and colored pencil; and Sanderman’s watercolor painting of her house, which was painted on special Yupo watercolor paper, a plastic-like paper which can be challenging to work with given its structure.

“The piece is different from others because of the yupo paper. This kind of paper doesn’t absorb any water. It just sits on top and dries, so having that kind of paper was definitely a challenge because if your hand accidentally smudges it, it’s very hard to fix,” Sanderman said. “I look forward to seeing my piece and my classmates’ pieces displayed at Veridian, and I also look forward to keep improving my art skills and continuing to create.”

The art created by all students will be on display at Veridian Credit Union’s Ansborough Avenue location, where it is available to be viewed by the public for the next year.

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