Pokemon series holds two major gems

Pokemon is a well known series, and this can’t be denied. However, some games are diamonds hidden amongst the gold, so to speak. Two of the most major are the Mystery Dungeon series, and the Pokemon Ranger series. Each of these games have a quirk or two, and their own reasons for why they aren’t as loved as the main games.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, as of the current date, has four entries. Each entry contains two games, like a normal Pokemon entry would also contain.

The Pokemon mystery games are unique, being in the sense you play as a pokemon. The plot is simple in that you’re a human who got transformed into a pokemon for some reason, the reason depending on what game you play. You join a rescue team with another partner pokemon who found you. This pokemon is usually very frail at the start, but through being with you, they grow.

These games are loved because they are so unique and the story and characters are usually really loveable. The games don’t just let you select what pokemon you are, there only being one exception.

Besides the one exception, you take a quiz that determines what pokemon you truly are. While you can rig this to be in your favor, most first time players don’t do this.

The main turn off is the dungeons, the things you go to to progress the story by some means, are usually long, and sometimes really annoying. The thing about a mystery dungeon is they randomize every time you leave and return, so if you’re defeated and return, it’ll be a completely different layout.

The other hidden gem is the Pokemon Ranger series. This series is very neglected, only having three games, but it gets very love/hate responses.

The game revolves around you, the player, capturing pokemon and using their various skills to clear paths so you can proceed. Along with this, you can use their powers in battle to power yourself up.

However, be warned, once you use a pokemon, it’s released back to the wild. The exception to this is your partner pokemon.  In the first and third games, you only get one partner pokemon. However in the second game, “Pokemon Rangers: Shadows of Almia,” you get one partner pokemon of every type.

This is super unique, and while some of them you have to search for, you get several just by playing through the story. To benefit this more, the game gives you a lot of time to do side quests, giving you time to find the quest to get more parnther pokemon.

Each Pokemon Ranger game has a unique storyline, and no two games have the same storyline concept.

As stated earlier, this game is very mixed. Some people love it, others hate it and some are in the middle. The main complaint is the capture system is through the touch screen. Thereby, you have to use your stylus to circle the pokemon on the game. This sounds easy, but boss pokemon will use moves to cause your circles to stop and make you re-start the circling process. The rapid circling before the boss uses a move can really strain your wrist, which is the main compliant.

However, the love it gets is by its story. It’s amazing gameplay, despite hurting your wrist a lot and most of all, you never expect the villains. This is an amazing thing to do in pokemon since in the main game, the main villain is revealed usually by or before the first gym.

Both these games are amazing hidden gems of the pokemon series. The Mystery Dungeon series gets much more attention than  the Pokemon Ranger series; however, both are overall, underrated games. If you’re looking for a decently priced, DS or 3ds game, these series won’t disappoint.

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