French music reveals new artists to listen to

With a French foreign exchange student arriving to live with my family in February, I decided it might be helpful to educate myself on France’s best current music. Expanding taste in music genre is something that anyone can learn from. Even though the songs I have selected are sung in French, one can still appreciate the melodies, infectious beats and alternative music styles. 

1) Niska- Sale

Niska, also known as Stan Dinga Pinto, is a French rapper from Évry Essonne, a suburb of Paris. Niska uses his Congolese heritage to create music that has French and African influences. Listeners will appreciate his silky smoothe voice and seamless rhymes.

2) Marwa Loud- Fallait Pas 

Marwa Loud is a  21-year-old spunky singer and rapper from France. She grew to fame from her debut single, “Tu peux parier” in 2017 and has now released several other singles that have become just as popular. She incorporates elements of R&B and hip-hop into her music.

3) Louane- Si t’étais là

 Singer Louane rose to fame on France’s second season of “The Voice” in 2013. Though she did not win the competition, after the show, she was offered an acting job in a French movie, which featured her singing. She won “Most Promising Actress” at the César Awards in 2014. Following her achievements in film, Louane released her first single, “Jour 1,” which hit  Top 10 in France. Her debut album, “Chambre 12,” released in 2015, also charted throughout Europe.

 4) Petit Biscuit- Sunset Lover 

Petit Biscuit is a modern and techno artist who has charted in the United States and Europe with “Sunset Lover,” a tune that has hit over 350 million streams on Spotify. The name “Petit Biscuit” roughly translates to “Little Cookie.” Though his name is a bit unconventional, there is nothing bizarre about Petit Biscuit’s catchy music. He began his career at only 17, and he is continuing to gain popularity by melding his beat-making skills with his abilities on cello and guitar.

5)  Bigflo & Oli- Dommage 

Two brothers from Toulouse, France, Florian “Bigflo” Ordonez and Olivio “Oli” Ordonez that are the duo “Bigflo & Oli.” They succeed in mixing rapping and singing within catchy songs that talk about life’s most turbulent moments. “Dommage,” which translates to “Pity,” talks about how it is better to live with remorse than living with regret when someone loves another person.

6) Eddy de Pretto- Fete de trop 

Eddy de Pretto is an French artist on the rise. Discovered in 2017, his music is very different from other artists. On the more alternative side of the music spectrum, Pretto labels himself as a musician of no genre.

7) Kalash- Mwaka Moon

Kévin Valleray, also known as his stage name Kalash, is a French rapper from Strasbourg. Kalash resembles many American rappers’ styles. His music can add European flourish to an all-American rap playlist. His album, Mwaka Moon, reached to number 4 on the French music charts.

8) Amir- Etats d’Amour

The French-Israeli pop singer and songwriter Amir Haddad has gained his following through his attempts to win many singing competitions in France such as “The Voice: France” and “Eurovision.” His style is along the lines of many American pop singers, and listeners will enjoy his happy-go-lucky vibe.

9) Calogero- Le portrait

Calogero is a French singer-songwriter from Échirolles. He evokes American artist “John Legend” with his soft piano playing singing. Calogero is a multi-faceted instrumentalist who plays flute, bass guitar

10) Mélanie Pain- Bye Bye Manchester

Mélanie Pain, from Aix-en-Provence, France, is a quirky singer who is influenced by the U.S. bands The Smiths and Sonic Youth. Pain mixes in some English within her French-language songs, so American listeners will definitely notice some familiar words.

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