Winter break perfect time to binge on three new TV series

If you’re sitting at home during the holiday break next week and wondering what possibly you could be doing, just think of the infinite shows that grace the internet.  From long lasting shows like South Park and the The Simpsons, to the newest shows like Stranger Things. Netflix and Hulu are some of the greatest inventions in the era of the Internet and the week of holiday cheer is the perfect time to ignore all else, relax and binge.

3. The first of my three recommendations is the hip hop comedy from Donald Glover, “Atlanta.” While this ingenious show displays the greatness that comes from the mind of Donald Glover, the show is only available on Hulu. With that being said, I still felt it should be a recommendation. Whether you have Hulu or find how to watch it a different way, I think you should definitely find a way to watch this visual masterpiece.

Now, about the show. It follows Glover, struggling to find a positive source of income, homeless with his responsibilities growing. Earn, Glover’s character, soon finds himself managing his cousin’s booming rap career.

The show’s central theme of rap is well represented with both good music and cameos. “Atlanta” is also very good at tackling the issues that face both the hood and rest of the country. One of the first episodes tackles the issues of sexuality, race and the corrections system. It lays down the rules that the series will follow aren’t exactly ones that a mainstream episodic would follow.

“Atlanta” isn’t afraid to break the rules. It’s themes and building blocks aren’t something that are for the faint of heart, not to mention all the cleverly timed comic relief that almost fall on Shakespearean levels. Glover’s genius falls nothing short of miraculous and isn’t something that should be ignored.

2. “Manhunt” doesn’t exactly seem like something that would appeal to many people’s blind conscience, but I feel as if you should at least give it a significant try.

“Manhunt” stories the modern supervillain Ted Kaczynski’s capture with a delicate and intricate storyline that manages both the past and future to its own avail. Politics and legacy oddly play a intimate part with each other in remaking history for both sides of the story.

Instead of relieving all of the events that led up to hundreds of deaths, it more focuses on the internal battle between Kaczynski and the FBI as each fight for superiority.

Kaczynski is portrayed as an egomaniac. The person he portrays and the person who has to run from the law, as well as rot in a cell, are two different people. Both want something different, and that is covered beautifully.

As for the FBI detective, it’s both about the future and the past. He is desperately trying to protect the public as he knows it. Whilst leaving his beat cop self in the background, the ongoing theme and crusade of superior intellect overwhelming masks the mediocre acting and dialogue.

All of Tarantino’s gems are worth a view. You’ll just have to believe me about the greatness they deliver.

1. The last recommendation I have is the hardest, because in truth there are so many shows that could curve your fancy. However, I have a due diligence to finalize this.

“Punisher,” is probably the hottest show that is on the Netflix these days. The latest Marvel-Netflix original is in some ways the alternate version of Batman, and both are great. They both are stories of retribution, both really have no powers besides brutality, and both bleak, but “Punisher” has something that all great shows that connect with society have; conspiracy.

The edge-of-your-seat mentality alongside with the brutality keeps butts on the couch, while also delivering positive reviews amongst its peers. Each episode gets better and better as you enter deeper through the rabbit hole.

Jon Bernthal is the perfect portrayer of a hero with villain characteristics. He has the sustainable coolness, for lack of a better word, that is something that can be used as a vehicle or a central theme.

The physicality is great: the vengeful storyline and the characters are all just great. It’s as simple as that. I can’t spoil too much because that would ruin the fun of checking it out for yourself, but “Punisher” is something that people can build a fandom to the likes of “Stranger Things.” “Punisher” will not only cement a lasting series on Netflix, but also one that could develop into something even greater in the near future.

There you have it, all you need to keep away from family and responsibility during the break. Keep in mind, there are many other great shows across all the streaming services. However, you might not have seen all of these, which I suggest you treat yourself to and complete. You’ll thank me and yourself later.

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