High school prepares for end of semester exams

Many teachers this year will be having some type of final test for this semester. Some teachers will test over the most recent unit while others will test over all the topics they have covered this semester. The classes during the finals will be one and a half hours long, and the teachers will have the students test over the whole period.  

“People in pre-calculus will test over anything and everything from the entire semester. It will take one period, but finals periods are one and a half hours long,” math teacher Alexis Steinlage said. “It would be nice if school started earlier so that the finals will be before winter break so that people don’t forget all the material we have studied, but it’s up to the student if they like the finals after winter break.” 

Sophomore Suzane Thapaliya said, “Personally, I kind of like the finals after winter break because if there is any topic I am not confident in then I can study a lot during winter break.” 

Sophomore Edward Lin said, “I prefer to have finals before winter break because I can relax comfortably during winter break without having to worry about forgetting materials or studying for the finals.”
Some teachers, including Steinlage, also think that finals after winter break are not a good idea.  “I think it’s not ideal. I feel like after a break it’s a very quick turnaround,” Steinlage said. 

AP human geography teacher Tracy Walsh said, “I would prefer it if we could do it before winter break because winter break would truly be a break between semesters even if we would have to start earlier,” she said. “We will only have two days in class to review over the stuff in the finals, so most of the review must be done by the students.”

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