Our View: Students in action: Students work cafe for AEA convention

Senior student workers in the Tigers Den are serving an assortment of beverages and treats for the Skilled Trades Career Fair on Dec. 20 in the new AEA building on Hudson.

“There are 400 people coming in from the conference to do a meet and greet. We aren’t making any money off of it, but we are setting up a tip jar for adopt a family,” said Katie Walsworth, a teacher for the success center.

In addition to this extra service at the AEA, the Tigers Den employees serve Cedar Falls High School daily as they deliver tasty drinks and treats to all who gather in the cozy den next to the library.

What some may not know is that they also take the profits from all the items they sell and turn them into many other gifts for the staff and students. They use the funds to support clubs, classrooms, and other extracurriculars.

“Our goal is to help students in the school. For example, Special Olympics is coming up and we are going to fund new T-shirts for the athletes,” Walsworth said.

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