Artist of the Week: Junior Lexie Zaugg

“Drawing is mostly an emotional outlet for me. Whatever I’m feeling is what I draw, so my style will differ depending on my mood. I love that it takes me away from my life and can help me bring life into something else.” 

—Lexie Zaugg

Artist of the Week, junior Lexie Zaugg has been drawing most of her life. Although she loves to try different forms of art, she will always stick to her roots of drawing.

As far as inspiration goes, Zaugg draws from many sources. “I love realism. Any portrait artist who works with people and faces is my inspiration. I love looking at photos of people, as well as watching how they interact with different people and emotions. However, for specific artists, Da Vinci was always a hero of mine when I was little, and I still hope to be as amazing as him some day.”

Zaugg’s drawing has taken her to win several competitions, but she still enjoys doing it for fun and for other people, and even though she is an extremely skilled artist, she still wants to keep improving. “My goal is and always has been to continually improve myself. I wish to improve my accuracy and speed, as well as coming up with new ideas more frequently.”

With a busy schedule, Zaugg has limited time to draw, but still works to improve her craft and plans to draw later in life. “I want to continue to draw, but I don’t know where it will get me in life. I use it right now to make some money, but other than that I think it will just be a hobby later in life.”

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