Pocket Points allows users to cash in

The popularity of the app “Pocket Points” has grown tremendously in recent months locally and across the nation. The app uses a system where students are rewarded with “points” by locking their phone. The points build up and can be used to purchase discounts for local and national chains. Once a certain amount of points are collected, users can purchase discounts from different chains such as Papa John’s, Firehouse Subs, Pita Pit and Insomnia Cookies.

The app was started in 2014 at California State University, Chico by Rob Richardson and Mitch Gardner. Pocket points is available in over 500 universities and high schools in over 120 different United States cities.

Pocket Points works by opening the app and locking the device. There is then a timer system in the app which rewards users with points for being off their phone sfor certain increments of time.

Not only are students motivated by the physical rewards, but also by the leaderboard. “I really like to go in (the app) and see my picture at the top bar,” senior Charles Potter said.

The in app leaderboard lets pocket points users see who has collected the most points at their locations in the past day. This not only encourages students to get off their phone, but adds a competitive aspect to the app, which makes it more fun.

Sometimes, however, the app has some glitches, which can make it frustrating, such as the amount of points fluctuating for certain prizes, the timer not working and simply forgetting to open the app when going off the device.

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