Our View: This homecoming season, be sure to make wise choices

As homecoming week draws to a close, the Hi-Line staff would like to remind the students to make responsible, conscious decisions over the weekend.

Opportunities to act irresponsibly will likely be very prevalent for us in the next few days — especially in regards to underage drinking. We advise that you do everything you can to celebrate homecoming in an abstinent way. Nearly 60 percent of teen deaths in car accidents are alchohol related. If you drink, you pose the risk of seriously hurting both yourself and others. At no time is this a good decision to make.

While high school is a time to try new things, we must remember not to let our peers pressure us into doing things that are unsafe or unethical. Before acting, we need to think of how our actions will affect the reputation of our school, our friends, and ourselves.

Have a safe weekend, and if you find yourself in trouble, do not be afraid to ask for help. Take care of yourself and your peers. Push your fellow classmates to make mindful decisions and represent your school and community in a way that would make you proud.

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