With just a few quirks, Poptropica offers islands for quick adventure

At its core, “Poptropica” doesn’t have a story. You travel to different islands, and each island has a story. Some of the stories connect, but that’s minimal.

Overall, the game is very enjoyable and is actually somewhat educational. This might drive some people away, but it helps you learn things without you actually knowing. It makes you think a little bit if you want to solve the islands’ puzzles in a legit manner.

A huge pro that I can say is that, as of a recent update, each island has a ranking. One skull means easy, two skulls medium and three skulls hard. Hard islands are hard, but also not if you know what you’re doing.

One con I’ve found is that you move with the mouse, which can be quite annoying when you have to make specific jumps and you either overshot it or undershot it. Along with this, the game also requires membership to beat some islands 100 percent or do their extra parts. Membership gets you a lot in this game, but it’s not majorly required.

Overall, “Poptropica” is  a very fun game. It’s not a game I’d put a ton of time into, but it is a fun game to play sometimes. The tutorial is really long and unskippable for new players, so that’s one huge con. The game also has a habit of not explaining where to go on certain islands. This is usually on three skull islands.

However, despite all this, “Poptropica” is an excellent web game.

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