Old school browser games deliver nostalgic diversions

Back before we could download games off the Internet, we played a style of games known as web games that played directly from the browser. Some of these games you might remember, some of them you might not.

“Poptropica” is a very broad game, and anyone who has played the game knows what I mean.

The game itself, does not have a plot. The “plot” is that there many islands, each with a problem, and you go to each and every island, and solve that problem.

It’s a very broad game with no technical ending because the islands aren’t something you can do in 10 minutes; sometimes they take you a while. As of recent years, the game has updated quite a bit, so some classic islands now require membership, which is kind of sad, but it can’t be helped.

“Club Penguin,” is a fun multiplayer where you play as a penguin. There is a story, but we will get to that later. There’s much to do as you waddle around, being a spy, a tour guide or just a penguin. You meet friends, enemies and can do more or less anything.

It’s an odd game, and many people thought it was dead, but some fans have re-made it into a game known as “Club Penguin Rewritten.” The major difference is that in “Rewritten,” everyone is a member, which is usually something you have to pay for.

“Webkinz” is a game I personally doubt anyone has forgotten. You buy a stuffed animal, put the code in and take care of it online.

Not a ton more to say about it except that as a kid, that’s extremely fun since not all kids can get a dog or a cat when they’re like, five or six. Another thing is, “Webkinz” is multiplayer

“Adventure Quest” is a game probably forgotten to time. It extends into many versions, but look forward to a review on those in the future.

Back to the main “Adventure Quest,” it’s a first person, online RPG. There is no clear plot unless you play into it a bit. You basically just go around, clicking and find things to do.

Being the original, that’s the extent of its “story.” It’s a fun game, but it was more popular maybe five or six years ago, maybe more.

“DragonFable” is very similar to “Adventure Quest,” but it’s not in first person. Also, there’s a more clear story. You can find characters that allow you to do storylines and such.

For example, at a point, you get a dragon egg, and there’s a decently long storyline behind that, the whole securing the egg, and hatching it.

You can then just kind of explore the world map. However, some places you can’t go without the membership of the game. Without membership, the game is restricted, but far from hard to play, so to speak.

Five games we might remember, might not or might never have heard of. Games we may have played, loved, hated … who knows?

I hope you go back to a game you played when you were little to find it’s actually quite enjoyable.ee

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