Goon Tunes: Nerf Herder creates perfect blend of pop punk, pop sci-fi culture

Many will recognize the band’s name from Princess Leia’s iconic dig at Han Solo, but this Nerf Herder will have you playing air guitar on your light saber. With the “freak flag” flying vibe of Weezer, stereotypically “nerdy” pop culture references and the sense of humor liking to a young Blink-182, Nerf Herder is the perfect band for people who never felt quite cool enough for pop punk.

As a band who got its start opening for Weezer, being commissioned to play the theme song for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and often dawning Starfleet or Ghost-Busting uniforms on stage, Nerf Herder has never really had the opportunity to be infiltrated by mainstream pop punk, though the band was obviously very influenced by the genre musically and lyrically.

Musically, the band is closely reminiscent of other elder statesmen like the Descendants. Most of Nerf Herder’s songs are only comprised of a few power chords, a bassline that’s a step up from “Sid Vicious simple” and occasionally a few phaser effects. This by no means implies that they are untalented. The fact that Nerf Herder’s songs are simple and predictable is what makes them familiar and likable to many.

Lyrically, this band is unprecedented. While most bands within the genre whine about unrequited love or breakups, etc., Nerf Herder manages to keep it humorous and classy compared to the others. Instead of just naming and shaming the unavailable party, the band has managed to write “Mr. Spock,” a song about a dude whose girlfriend is obsessed with everyone’s favorite Vulcan, resulting in her being “emotionally unavailable.”

While you’re waiting on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” or for J.J. Abrahms to reboot Star Trek again, Nerf Herder will surely fill all of your geeky musical cravings.

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