Sanctuary cities must be eliminated to keep Americans safe

On Monday, newly confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to cut federal funding to “sanctuary cities,” or cities that don’t comply with federal immigration law and harbor illegal immigrants. President Trump ran his successful 2016 campaign with that promise toward the front.

Sanctuary cities have come under fire recently because of violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants in a few of these cities such as San Francisco, Denver and many others.

In July of 2015, Kate Steinle was walking with her father at Pier 14, a tourist attraction, when she was brutally shot and killed by an illegal immigrant, Francisco Sanchez, in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. The killing sparked calls for the banishment of sanctuary cities and raised questions as to why Sanchez, a repeat criminal, had not been deported by federal immigration authorities.

The idea of having a city that harbors criminals and keeps federal police out is absolutely absurd. It’s not only a bad idea, but it’s a dangerous idea that gets Americans killed.

More recently a 14-year old girl in Rockville, Md., was raped by two older illegal immigrants in a high school bathroom. A few days afterward, the Maryland state legislature revealed its intentions to make it a sanctuary state. Luckily Maryland’s governor is a Republican and has at least a little bit of sense in his head, and he vowed to veto it.

One of the illegal immigrants in Rockville was detained and held by Immigration and Customs Agents, but under the Obama Administration’s policy of “Catch and Release,” he was set free.

It is ridiculous that some poor girl was hurt because authorities will not enforce federal law. If these cities want to harbor criminals and keep out federal agents, then they don’t need federal funding. Democrats fight this and say it’s “xenophobic” to do this. Apparently it is now racist to follow federal law and get rid of the criminal scum that hurts American citizens. In order to have a serious conversation about the fates of the illegal immigrants who actually contribute to society, we must get rid of all the violent illegal immigrants first.

Sanctuary cities are a downright bad idea that hurts Americans and should be stopped immediately. If the cities do not want to follow federal immigration law, they don’t need federal tax dollars.

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