Cabaret showcases talents of Peet students

Peet Junior High’s 2017 Cabaret variety show proved to be a success as students finished all three shows triumphantly on Feb. 24 and 25.

The show was full of humor and well orchestrated performances, featuring acts that showed off Peet students’ talents.

Students participated in a variation of acts, such as singing, instrument playing, gymnastics and magic acts. Each one was well done and exemplified the effort that each student put into the performances.

The emcees that introduced the acts also played a big part in the humor of the show and were equally as hard working as the rest of the performers. Their skits in between the acts were creative and definitely made the audience laugh.

And not only were the big show nights where all the fun took place, but in the making of Cabaret itself. Cabaret students were also able to take part in an annual dodgeball game with their directors, and the production not only gave students the chance to show off their talents, but also to make new friends in the process.

Sabrina Leistikow, a Peet freshman who was an emcee for the show, said she believes that Cabaret gave students the opportunity to connect with each other and bond. “I feel like it was more separated at the beginning. Then on Saturday, everyone was really bonding with each other,” Leistikow said.

And toward the end of Cabaret, it became more emotional for ninth graders who were going to be leaving next year for the high school. They were able to give their ninth grade speeches before their last performances, and tears were even shed.

“During mine [her speech], I cried, and afterward more than half the people there came up and hugged me, which made me cry even more because I was going to miss everyone so much,” Leistikow said.

The shows ended on a good note, and students who performed in Cabaret should definitely be proud of what they were able to achieve and continue to keep working hard with their talents. If you haven’t been to a Peet Junior High Cabaret, then you should definitely plan to next year.

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