Support immigrant business with cash mobs

Fight bigotry with your wallet. Support locally run businesses founded by immigrants and run by immigrants. In local retaliation against Trump’s No-Muslim ban, Cedar Valley residents are putting their money where their mouths are by spending their money at local businesses run by immigrants.

While there’s a temporary hold on Trump’s unconstitutional and frankly disgusting ban, many immigrants in the area are still cautious and scared for what Trump’s administration may propose in the years to come — if he lasts that long.

So what is the “Cedar Valley Cash Mob”? It’s a campaign created and promoted by the Facebook group Cedar Valley Direct Action (formerly known as Cedar Valley Pantsuit Nation) to spend money at immigrant-run businesses to support them while they’re going through the worries and stress Trump gives them.

So here’s the basic idea: once you go to any immigrant run businesses in the area, you can share a photo of you at the business or a blurred for privacy copy of your receipt, and that’s how the cash mob works, so here’s the flyer for the project. Please consider giving immigrant-run businesses your business, because they are just as American as the rest of us. Immigrants are a huge part of American culture.

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