President’s immigration/refugee policy leading to strong divisions of opinion

President Trump’s immigration, refugee order succeeds in keeping American citizens safe from terror

By Brennan Kohl

A week ago, President Trump signed an executive order putting a 120-day suspension on our refugee program and a 90-day ban on immigrants from seven dangerous hotspot countries from around the world.

The biggest misconception spread around by Democrats and liberal media is that it is a “Muslim ban.” This is not a Muslim ban by any means.

The ban is for anyone immigrating from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan. Six of the nations are failed states embroiled in civil wars and various other conflicts, which have radical Islamic terror groups right in the thick of it. The one excluded here is Iran, which is a very clear enemy of the United States.

If this was a Muslim ban, the biggest Muslim majority countries should be on that list. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bangladesh and countless others, so the notion that this is somehow a ban on a particular religion is absolutely baseless.

In the immigration ban, green card holders who travel back to their home country (one of the seven countries) can be excluded from re-entry into the United States. The order gave the State Department discretion to approve and disapprove case-by-case whether to let them back in or not, so if a Somali refugee travels back to Somalia, possibly to be radicalized or trained for a terror attack, the State Department has the authority to not let them back in.

Along with the immigration ban from the troubled seven countries, the president also placed a four month ban on our refugee program, and an indefinite one on the Syrian refugee program, but before calling President Trump and his supporters heartless, let’s take a look at some cold hard facts.

According to the Syria Regional Refugee Response Inter-agency Information Sharing Portal at, which was last updated this month, 25.6 percent of a sample of two million refugees from Syria are military age males (ages 18-59). Over a quarter of the two million refugees are men who are capable of executing radical Islamic terror attacks in the West.

These men can be easily recruited for ISIS, and other radical groups, to carry out deadly attacks in our country or elsewhere. If you want to see some evidence of horrible acts committed by refugees, take a look at Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened her country up to refugees with open arms. Since then there has been ridiculous amounts of sexual assaults, murders and other crimes. On New Year’s Eve in 2015/2016, Germany experienced a shocking 1,200 women sexually assaulted by almost 2,000 men. Chief Prosecutor Ulrich Bremer said an “overwhelming majority” of the suspects were asylum seekers. Most of the men were never convicted or even arrested.

On July 24, 2016, a Syrian refugee in Reutlingen, Germany, was arrested after killing a pregnant woman with a meat cleaver. Just a week before that, another refugee in Würzburg was shot dead by Bavarian Police after attacking them with an axe.

Of course liberal Democrats will argue that these refugees and immigrants have a “Constitutional right” to come here and be protected. First off, let’s get the Constitution out of the way. Our Constitution protects only Americans, not the rest of the world.

Next, foreigners have absolutely no right to come here. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t welcome immigrants from less troubled areas in the world; our country was founded and built by immigrants, but we can’t allow people to come from violent, failed states because they think they have a right to come here.

An option for the refugee crisis to be helped quite a bit would be some of the oil-rich Muslim-majority countries taking some refugees. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain have taken absolutely zero refugees. Most of the displaced people would be right at home with Sharia law being the main form of government in these countries. Why should we take all the refugees when other Muslim-majority gulf states are taking none?

President Trump did the right thing when it came to his executive order on immigration. We cannot let people into this country who want to kill Americans. Military age males make up over 25 percent of all the Syrian refugees, men that could be operating for currently or in the future for radical Islamic terror groups. We’ve seen what these refugees have done in places like Germany. We cannot let them come here. If that means we’re heartless and mean, so be it. American lives first.

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