Flaming Lips lead singer opens art show in Waterloo

The lead singer of the Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne, brought his collection of works and an interactive exhibit to the Waterloo Center for The Arts for a show opening on Feb. 16. The exhibit originally debuted in Baltimore, but Coyne attended the opening reception in Waterloo on Thursday. King’s Mouth, the main focus of the exhibit, is a sensory experience.

Attendees crawl into and lie down in what is “The King’s Head,” which is filled with pillows and cushions colored and textured in all different shapes and sizes. The exhibit features a story that is told through drawings and paintings, eventually leading you to what is the King’s Mouth. The exhibit also features a vinyl set and some video clips.

“I’m just always doing stuff. I don’t really need inspiration, you know. I just like doing stuff,”

Coyne said regarding his inspiration behind the exhibit. King’s Mouth is a version of a similar gallery in Oklahoma City that Coyne put together.

“A guy from Baltimore asked if we could do something like this (and bring it to Baltimore).”

Coyne thought about it and accepted the offer. The King’s Mouth made its debut in October of 2015 in Baltimore.

“Really I’m just doing stuff I like. It’s not really inspiration,” he said.

Coyne’s said his hope for the exhibit is just for people to experience and enjoy it.

“I have a kind of life that just allows me to do stuff.”

Not only does Coyne spend time working on his music projects, but he also does drawing and painting.

“If you’re an artist and you’re sensitive to stuff, you can see how I’m doing stuff and say ‘Oh, I like that,’ but if you’re not an artist, you would just go in there and have a good time,” Coyne said. “What it means to you is what it means to you.”

Coyne’s show runs through April 23.

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