Democrats should stop obstructing Trump’s appointments

On Tuesday, President Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was finally confirmed and sworn in to do her job. That makes seven of the president’s nominees out of 28 people confirmed.

It’s been three weeks since Trump was sworn in as President of the United States, and we still have key departments missing leaders. The Justice Department is missing an Attorney General, because Senate Democrats are stalling and stalling on the vote of Sen. Jeff Sessions.

On Tuesday, the Senate voted to silence Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren because she called Sen. Jeff Sessions, a man who was instrumental in helping achieve equal rights for all races, a disgrace. What irritates me the most about this is that the Senate can hold a vote to shut up a rowdy member, but they can’t just vote on approving the AG nominee.  

We’re also still waiting on a Treasury Department Secretary, and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary. We have all these key positions that need to be filled, but Senate Democrats are trying to block anything and everything that the new president does.

Granted the Senate does have a Constitutional right to not confirm a nominee, as Senate Republicans would not allow a hearing for former President Obama’s SCOTUS nominee, but at a certain point, Democratic Senators need to put party affiliation aside and just give the nominees a chance.

To approve the Education Secretary, Vice President Mike Pence had to cast the tie breaking vote to approve her. All 48 Senate Democrats voted against her, most of them more than likely pressured to do so by the weak party leadership.

What’s funny about all of this to me is that Democrats are only securing the reelection of President Trump, and probably more seats for Republicans in the House and Senate by being stubborn and severely partisan. Americans voted for Congressional Republicans and put a Republican in the White House because they’re tired of seeing absolutely nothing get done because of party affiliation.

The Senate needs to stop messing around and just confirm these nominees, since it’s been three weeks since Donald Trump took office, and yet only seven nominees have been confirmed. Senate Democrats need to actually give these nominees a chance instead of folding to the demands of the weak leadership that is the Democratic Party.  

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