Barracudae gets update

“Man Is Vox: Barracudae” by John Ira Thomas and Carter Allen is being released in a 2.0 version. The graphic novel was originally released in 2003 on Candle Light Press, but due to a low budget, the book could not be incarnated in full color, multiple different genres or in the full narrative detail that was intended. Genres, color palettes and mediums now change per chapter, leaving comic lovers drooling over how specific stylings correlate to the writing within each chapter.

The story follows a dying mobster who begins tracking a serial killer on the loose. As the tale progresses, readers discover that the serial killer is modifying an entire town’s memories to forget his dastardly deeds. With each change in remembrance the medium and style in which the story is conveyed also changes, so the reader also feels affected by the villain.

The novel is not recommended for those who are considering this to be a first time  comic read. The book is exceptionally strange, so much so, it takes about three full reads in order to even grasp some sort of plot line,though for people who enjoyed Gerard Way’s “Doom Patrol” or the kitschier parts of “The Watchmen,” this novel will be an enticing addition to any offbeat outlandish collection.

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