Senior set to begin work at Capitol

As the second semester rolls around,

Olivia Habinck, political guru, will be beginning her first steps out of high school working as an intern at the state capitol in Des Moines.

“Last year I went with the counselors and a few students for the annual Visit the Hill day. We talked with a page when at the Capitol, and I was immediately interested,” she said.

Despite Habinck’s strong drive to dive into this area of work, receiving the job didn’t come without surprise and an overrun of pure excitement.

“I was really shocked and immediately excited when I found out I got the job. I actually got the call during school and ended up being a couple minutes late to my next period; it was well worth it.”

Working at the Capitol will consist of running notes, coffee and other tasks for the senators, all of which will help Habinck gain experience for upcoming decisions as she chooses a major at the University of Northern Iowa in the fall.

“I don’t really know exactly what I want to do after this upcoming semester. As for now, I just really want to continue to work for politicians, and we will see where this job takes me. I may find this area suits me well as I decide a potential career.”

While the internship will allow her to follow a passion, Habinck carries nerves with her as she packs up and moves to Des Moines.

“I will be living with the former art teacher at Holmes Junior High, Andy McCormick, and his family. They’re super rad, and I am thrilled to be staying with them. However,  I’m still worried about being lonely and missing my friends and family.”

Though close relatives and friends will miss Olivia’s presence, their utmost support has pushed her to pursue her passion in politics as well as take the job.

“My family along with friends and teachers have supported me through the whole process. My mom loves posting about it on Facebook. It gives me reassurance in what I will be doing.”

While the upcoming semester holds a plethora of nerves and concerns for Habinck as she takes on her internship, she anticipates the new memories and experiences to come.

“I’m excited to see how government really works and grasp a better understanding of how a bill becomes a law. I am not completely sure what to expect, but being in Des Moines will be a really fun time.”

Follow Habinck @oliviaswagyolo on Instagram and Twitter for updates on her internship at the Iowa Capitol.

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