Pooling their efforts with team members from other towns, team readies for State

As the men’s swimmers take their last practice laps around the pool at Holmes Junior High this season, they are also sharing in team building that extends far beyond the Cedar Falls city limits.

With Cedar Falls representatives, the Tiger swim team includes two freshmen, three sophomores, two junior and three senior athletes from Waverly, Oelwein and Independence. Coach Joe Brown said, “It’s great to share the love of the sport with more athletes, especially when you know you are offering them an opportunity that they would not have otherwise.”

Cedar Falls senior Tanner Holden shared that same opinion. “I think having people from other schools makes us stronger as a whole and get us to meet more people from different places,” he said.

The Waverly perspective treads the same water. “It’s a great way to meet many different people. Swimming is something I enjoying to keep in shape. I really hope that we can grow as team and individuals,” said Gryphen Ackerson, a Waverly senior that swims with the Cedar Falls men’s swim team.

The men’s swim team is made up of about 12 varsity swimmers. Half of them are from out of town schools. Coach Scott Bohlmann said, “Without our out of town swimmers, the team would be out six varsity swimmers, including at least three potential state qualifiers.”

Even though this team has been doing well this year, Brown said, “The hardest part about having traveling athletes is that they aren’t available for morning workouts.” They swim every morning and lift in the morning too. “This is a big part of the sport, and it is tough to feel like we have different expectations for our athletes,” Brown said.

He added that the goal for this season is for all the swimmers to hit “their peak performances at the last meet of the season. Also, qualify as a many athletes to swim at State and to finish as high as possible at State.”

The team’s regular season is done and now they go on to district meets on Saturday, Feb. 4 in Fort Dodge and State is Saturday, Feb. 11 in Marshalltown.

Learn more about Coach Brown’s move to China here.

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