Women’s bowling team sets school record at state competition

The women’s bowling team defeated numerous school and personal records at the state competition. Three team members placed in the top 10, a group with only two seniors leaving this year led by coach Scott Holman. 

“We had a great season this year. The girls’ bowling team set eight new Cedar Falls girls’ bowling records, three of them at Districts to get to State. New five games Bakers score of 1,032, first time over 1,000 pins ever, two games single series of 2,010, first time ever over 2,000, and total team score of 3,042, first time over 3,000 pins,” Holman said. 

In addition to team achievements, individually Junior Myah Brinker placed seventh, Anna Frahm placed fourth and Katie Waltz finished in 10th. Holman said this was a proud moment for him. “This was the first time any Cedar Falls girl finished in the top 10 for a medal,” Holman said. “That would be my favorite moment to see them get a third place trophy for all their hard work each week.” 

Brinker said that practices focused on fine-tuning skills necessary for success in competitions. “One of the main problems we had as a team at the beginning of the season was our spare percentage, meaning we didn’t pick up as many spares as we should have,” Brinker said. “We worked a lot on this throughout the season, and by the regional meet we had a pretty high spare percentage considering where we had started off. We prepare for meets by practicing at least three times each week at Cadillac Lanes with our team. In addition, many kids bowl in a league on Saturday mornings, which offers us another structured time to practice. Along with league and high school practices, some bowlers, myself included, would go to open bowling on occasion if there was something else that we would like to get extra practice on.”

Fellow teammate senior Amelia Saltzman said that in spite of the pandemic, practices were able to continue with little disruption. “COVID did not impact us a lot actually. We had to do a questionnaire any time we had a meet or practice, and we had to wear masks. On the girls’ team, we rarely had anyone gone due to COVID, which was amazing that everyone stayed healthy. Having everyone there helped a lot with our great season. I’m so grateful that we even had a season this year and how it was as close to normal as it could have been,” Saltzman said. 

For Brinker, getting to win awards with teammates was the highlight of the season. “My favorite moment of this season was being handed the trophy at the end of the state meet knowing that we had accomplished what we had wanted for the season,” Brinker said. “My proudest individual moment was having an average over 200, which was a goal I didn’t think I could reach, but with the help of coaches I was able to get that this year.”

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