Dozens of students taking advantage of free tuition for university courses

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) are options for juniors and seniors with acceptable ACT/SAT and or GPA. Freshmen and sophomores can take the classes if they are identified as talented and gifted. PSEO classes are college courses offered to high school students for college credit with minimal fees.

Classes may not be taken if there is a comparable course at the high school.

University of Iowa sophomore Daphne Becker utilized the opportunity of taking PSEO classes in high school, and this allowed Becker to become a sophomore during her first year of college. Becker took courses in philosophy and women’s studies.

Becker said, “Taking college classes in high school allowed me to have a broader world view and surprises me every day by the fact that I still find myself using the information learned then still today.”

For some students, PSEO classes are a good way to challenge themselves, make more time for different classes in college and save money.

Counselor Amy Denholm said, “Students taking advantage of the opportunity must be academically ready and quite responsible; they are college students and expected to meet the same requirements as any other college student in the class.”

PSEO classes are challenging and they push you become a better student in any class.

Senior Karen Sell is currently taking criminology at UNI on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Sell said, “Taking a PSEO class demands maturity because you basically go to class for taking notes and hearing what will be on the test. You do the readings outside of class, you learn the stuff outside of class on your own and the professor is there to hammer out the information that might be too difficult for you and to tell you what’s on the test. Don’t slack behind because your reading assignment is done for the week. There is always more to do.”

Cedar Falls High School on average has about 20-30 students taking the classes each semester. Students may take one or multiple PSEO classes.

Students can get additional information from daily announcements, Schoology posts and informational meetings. Meetings are traditionally in April and November. Those with any questions should see counselor Amy Denholm.

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