AP classes offer advantages

Starting Advanced Placement (AP) classes can provide a path to learning and a deeper understanding of the world. AP history teacher Kyle Engdahl said, “It covers a required course for graduation at CFHS, which is also required by law in the State of Iowa, but it prepares students to understand what their participation in our political system means because they will know why the system was built, how it functioned, how it has changed, and more.” AP geography teacher Tracy Walsh said, “AP HUG is like your ticket to seeing the world differently. It’s about navigating life, not just geography, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.”

Engdahl said there are misconceptions about the difficulty of AP classes. “It’s not harder, just a bit faster. We dig into details such as Federalist Papers and Supreme Court cases. This is different from your typical high school experience. This emphasizes the quick pace and thorough study that set apart AP learning and provides a detailed understanding of the difficulties students could face.”

During her AP experience, sophomore Thelma Culpepper said, “I had thought it would be harder than it is, but it ends up being kinda the same as taking a normal class. The only difference is that tests are harder, but if you do the work you will be fine.” 

CFHS graduate Shamir Ilyas said there can also be long term advantages to taking an AP class. “Maybe not a full-on AP or advanced class schedule is a good idea but taking some will help prepare you for college, plus if you take the AP test you will get college credit saving you money in the future.”

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