Positivity can build brighter realities

By Jade Pham

Take the time to think about the things in your life that positively impact you. What makes you happy? What makes you a better person to others? What makes you a better person to yourself? Anything in your life that is positive to you or on you — just take the time to think about that thing and appreciate it for a moment because we could always do with a little more positivity in our lives. 

If you can’t think of anything in your life that you feel makes a positive impact on you, feel free to read about positive impacts for other students at Peet, as they take the time to share theirs with you. 

Johnathan Moran
“Music positively impacts my life because it helps me get away from school and all the stress, while reminding me that everything is gonna work out. Music has also been a positive way for me to learn, or even make new friends. As I am growing up, I have realized music can be used for learning. In eighth grade, we studied rocks and listened to a song about them, and to this day I still remember it. I have also made a lot of new friends through music, whether it be participating in band or chorus, or just listening to the same genre of music as other people.”

Jillian Gaines
“My friends and family positively impact my life because when things get tough, they’re always there to comfort me and remind me how strong I am. Dogs also positively impact my life because they’re very pure and are a huge stress reliever for me.”

Alydia Tyler
“Dance is a wonderful, creative outlet. It allows you to forget about everything that’s bothering you and let yourself go. I have made so many great friendships through dance and learned so many lessons from it. Dance shows you how much hard work pays off and that you have to work to be better.”

Sarimah Ogbondah
“I think my church youth group, ‘Youth Alive,’ positively impacts my life because the group is no more than 15 people, but we’re all so close, and it’s so fun to be around those people. It’s a good way to grow through my church, and we try to help the community together, and we put together cool activities.”

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