Adults should validate reality of teenage romances

By Lexi Sheeley

High school relationships are a cliche topic to talk about. So many adults laugh at the idea of teenage love as if they haven’t experienced their first love. Relationships are something that maybe should wait until after high school; there should be more focus on school and yourself.

But nonetheless  people fall in love left and right. It’s not a joke when 16 year olds start a relationship. I’ve realised human connection is what life is about. People gain a sense of purpose through other people. It’s the basis of life, in a way. Human attraction binds us together, and I think falling in love is something very real for teenagers.

We have feelings, and we understand certain feelings. Sadness, anger, disappointment. Everyone knows off the bat how to interpret those. Yet love is something very new to a lot of us, and when we experience it, it’s unlike anything. It’s a new chapter in our lives, and because of this, we start to grow within ourselves. We have the chance to learn how to accept other people through their flaws. We learn how to care for someone. We learn how to emotionally connect with someone, which is rare to actually find. Love gives us the chance to become better versions of who we are. In a lot of ways we gain a sense of self.

But don’t mistake any of that for sex. Many of us are experimenting with it, and because of that many people seem to think that’s what love is supposed to be. Yes, it can be a result of love, but I think there’s a fine line between the two. I get that humans have needs, physically and mentally, but sometimes they don’t equal the same thing.

Relationships are meant to be joyful. Arguments are bound to happen, but it teaches us how to agree to disagree.

Our feelings are very much real, and falling in love is a feeling that should not be denied. Having someone to make memories with is what life is about. Having someone beside you capturing moments makes life surreal. I strongly believe there are some things you must experience with someone in order to really capture them.

Being ashamed to admit you’re in love is beyond me. Love can take you so many places, and it’s a chance to learn so much about yourself and someone else. Despite what our parents must say, we’re not necessarily being dramatic about our feelings. At some point we all find someone who makes us feel at home within their heart. We meet someone who adores us just as much as we adore them. We meet someone who listens to our words and what our heart has to say, and when that happens, hold on. It’s rare you find someone who you connect with.

Our lives are about change and growth. Love is a major factor in how we bloom into better people.

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