Liberal hate, intolerance running high after huge Trump success in election

By Brennan Kohls

WARNING: This Article can be seen as offensive, proceed at your own risk

After Donald Trump’s victory last week, many Democrats and liberals found themselves at a loss for words. Many took to social media to degrade and berate anyone who defended Trump in the slightest.


Another one went like this: “If you voted for Trump and I ever catch you say just chillin in Cedar Rapids I will f***ing kill you.”

In the days afterward, riots disguised as “peaceful protests” popped up all around the nation. Triggered liberals around the country marched in protest against the wills of the entire nation.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen liberals cry and whine at just about everything, and I’ve remained semi-cool about it, but not this time. Just putting this warning out there, if you’re an easily offended person, here’s your trigger warning. Trump won the election, there is nothing you can do to stop it now. The American people have spoken.

Many of these protesters are supporting the “#NotMyPresident” trend. If he isn’t your president, then this isn’t your country. Even though I disagree with President Obama on just about everything, he is still my president, no matter how different our opinions are.

So my message to the #NotMyPresident movement is this: move. No one’s stopping you; do us all a favor and leave the country, but if you’re going to stay here, instead of whining about President-elect Trump, how about you do something about it when he becomes president? Start petitions, garner support for the 2020 election, join a political campaign, do something instead of sitting in your soiled diaper and waiting for someone else to do it. Blocking highways and lighting stuff on fire isn’t going to change a thing.

Many Democrats wonder why Hillary Clinton lost. She was ahead in almost all the polls, and they tried to bring up fake scandals against Trump, but yet he still won.

Here’s my conclusion, maybe it’s because the American people are sick and tired of being labeled as homophobic racists every time they disagree with liberals. Maybe it’s because Hillary called half the country “deplorable.” Maybe it’s because Americans are tired of all the talk and want action.

If you even dare to say something in support of Trump on social media, an entire triggered group of millennials are after you. People are afraid to state their opinion anywhere whether it’s in public or on social media because they’ll more than likely be portrayed as hateful bigots.

The Silent Majority voted against the hateful ideology of the Left; they revolted. Katy Perry tweeted out that she wanted a revolution because of Trump winning. It already happened.

Lastly, the idea that suddenly all rights for minorities will be abolished is completely baseless. Trump is the first person to enter the White House as fully LGBT-pro president. Obama said in 2008, “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.” Clinton said the same thing in 2008. She also called young black males, “super predators,” but yet that never made mainstream media headlines.

Democrats figured that every blue state was going to stay blue, even though the Democratic Party has abandoned them in places like Michigan and Pennsylvania. The poor inner cities are plagued with failed Democrat policies, but finally the people woke up and decided to take a chance, so they voted for the man who said, “I’m with You,” instead of “I’m with Her.”

My message for the rioters protesting against President-elect Donald Trump is to take that safety pin off your shirt, pin your diaper up and do something about it. If not, then leave. Do us a favor.

Trump was elected because the American people are tired of being labeled as sexist, homophobic, misogynists when all they did was simply disagree with liberal opinions.

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