If tensions are high, try these tunes to tame anxieties

By Sydney See

When having a panic attack or just straight up anxiety, for some, music is an escape. Certain tunes help you get lost in the music, forgetting the trouble and stress around you. For those looking for some peace in their lives, I heavily recommend these tunes. 


“Medicine” by Daughter

Daughter has an incredible voice and is extremely skilled at the acoustic guitar. “Medicine” is a slower paced song about picking one’s life back up, or attempting to and trying again. The slower tempo and soft tones allow for steady breathing and a relaxed mind.


“Dark Paradise” by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is a very popular name for a couple of her songs, but “Dark Paradise” is one that isn’t so popular. Lana has such an elegant voice and grace about her that makes me feel at peace. This song is a bit sad, but it still helps with relaxing. The song is about a loved one who is now gone, but the moderate tempo and smooth flowing melody can make anyone happy.


“Woman” by Matt Berry

Matt Berry is known more for his acting (He portrayed a role in “Snow White and the Huntsman”), but he also does music partially on the side. This song has a bit of a happier tone, but it still is a very slow moving piece. Berry sings about a “woman,” showing how much a woman can mean to a significant other and how much love they have. This song is filled with happiness, and can make you feel so much better.


“Explosions” by Ellie Goulding

Once again, Ellie Goulding is a very popular name, and this song might be popular too since she has a huge fan base. Either way, this song is so beautiful and light. It can be soft and floating but can also get heavy and impactful. “Explosions” makes me feel calm and good. Not to add that Goulding has a beautiful voice, so go ahead and check out this feel good song.


“Between the Bars” by Elliott Smith

“Between the Bars” is a beautiful acoustic piece that makes me feel calm and relaxed. From Portland, Oregon, Elliott Smith offers a slow-paced indie piece that relaxes and provides peace to listeners.

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