Teens: gender not an issue in presidential election

The 2016 election will arguably be remembered as one of the most controversial presidential races the United States has ever endured, but for CFHS students, whether they agree or disagree with Hillary Clinton’s political views, her gender does not appear to be a consideraton either side is debating.

Senior Sam Prophet said, “Historically, women have been considered weak and unfit leaders. I hope that Clinton coming this far means that America has come a long way.”

As for voters, senior Adison Pace said even if some are debating the gender issue, it’ll all even out in the end. “Some people probably won’t vote for her just because of her gender, but there also might be other people who are going to vote for her no matter what because she is a female,” he said.

Some student do believe Clinton’s gender  has been drawing further emphasis to sexism in America, much of which had been noted with the recent video leak of her opponent, Donald Trump. Many see the video as sexist, but Prophet said, “If Clinton were anything but a woman, I don’t think Donald Trump would have been hit as hard for his ‘locker room talk.’ I believe Clinton’s gender allows her to highlight Trump’s harassment. In my opinion, this is a good thing.”

Junior Leah Fairchild said, “In regards to the Trump’s latest video, I think it may have been emphasized more because Clinton speaks frequently about issues affecting young girls and women. However, what he said is a serious issue and he well deserved the negative acknowledgment.”

As women continuously become more equal in our country, many feel as though the gender aspect of this year’s election has received an overabundance of attention. Senior Haley Pence said, “Our country has progressed in the years. I don’t believe gender is an issue. I think we should primarily ask the question, ‘Is she fit for the job?’”

Senior Elizabeth Relph said, “As of right now, I think voters will make decisions on who they think is the lesser of two evils. Obviously, both candidates make mistakes, but honestly, I do not think gender is the problem in this very flawed election.”

Junior Alex Gudgeon said she believes that gender is not the cause of negative conversation and comments made from one candidate to the other. “Trump and Clinton both hold very strong opinions, which is why they are running for office. However, I believe Trump’s disrespectful comments would have been made regardless of Clinton’s gender. Most people know that he tends to ‘speak his mind.’ I don’t believe all of his comments are acceptable, but I also don’t believe gender discrimination is behind it.”

Though gender may or may not play a part in this year’s fight for office between Clinton and Trump, there is no denial of the astonishing progression women have made, especially among the youngest generation of voters.

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