Hey guys, follow these basics for learning makeup application

There is this gross stigma that men shouldn’t wear makeup — that makeup is considered a feminine thing reserved for women. However, that is completely untrue. Makeup is for everyone who wants it. 

To many, makeup is one of the best inventions right after their cell phones. Not the superficial part of makeup, but how it makes you feel.

Being confident without makeup is important, but with makeup, many feel like they are putting on on their best face, and it can help to give some a confidence boost.

One thing that never gets old is a flawless complexion. Acne is just one of the things that come along with puberty, and it can be confidence killing.

Diving straight into a full face of makeup can get messy really quickly. Instead of foundation, baking, strobing and everything in between, start by applying a pigmented concealer onto your blemishes and a light dust of translucent powder if you have oily skin.

It’s extremely important to make sure the color of your concealer matches your skin tone. Try to get several opinions on a product and/or talk to a beauty expert at the store you’re shopping at. Remember to BLEND.

Full, thick, strong brows are as on-trend for men as they are for women. Creating a strong brow changes your face and makes your eyes pop. Brow pencils, pomades and powders can fill in sparse areas and help you to create a brow more defined than your own.

Those sharp, clean eyebrows you see on Instagram may be a bit too much for the everyday person. To achieve a more realistic look, outline the borders of where you want your eyebrows to be placed with a pencil that matches your hair color and fill it in with a powder or pomade. Finish off with a brow gel and/or blend the color with a spooly to set the hairs in place.

Sharp jawlines that could cut cheese are a subject of envy among top models. If you have a complex about your nose or other bone structures on your face, contour might be right for you.

When contouring, you are highlighting (with a color lighter than your skin tone concealer/powder) the parts of your face you want to pop more and sculpting (with a color darker than your skin) out the parts you want to be more sunken in.

If you have a patchy beard or mustache you want to make more full, you can do so by filling in the gaps with an eyeshadow that matches the color of your hair. There are products meant for filling in the beard that can cost upward of $33, so do not hesitate to reach for that drugstore eyeshadow.

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