COVERGUY: Covergirl’s latest representative crosses over gender barrier

Reccovergirl-james-charlesently a new CoverGirl was announced, and the choice is big shift from tradition. Cover Girls are models that represent the cosmetic company, CoverGirl. People like Tyra Banks, Ellen DeGeneres and Katy Perry have all modeled the brand, but now a new CoverGirl will break the mold of all of the preceding ladies.

The recent choice is a 17-year-old makeup artist with a growing YouTube channel and Instagram fanbase, but apart from all of the other Cover Girls in history, he’s a guy named James Charles.

Many people support men in makeup, but many people are uncomfortable with the notion and think that it should just be for women.

Peet freshman Olivia Combs uses CoverGirl as often, and she said that the new CoverGirl will change the way she thinks of the brand. “To know that the people behind CoverGirl are so accepting to now have male and females as a face for CoverGirl, it’ll influence me to buy new products.”

Jillian Gaines, another freshman and avid makeup user, agreed. “I’m definitely intrigued to try more of their things.”

Charles now has upward of 700k followers on his instagram, where he and CoverGirl announced that he would be a new face for the brand.

Most of the comments on his post are supportive and congratulatory, but a small amount are criticizing the brand for making a male a representative for the company.

Dinari Turner is a 8th grader at Peet, and he has said that he has worn makeup a few times before.”I thought that it was cool, but I really didn’t think much of it. I went to the mall to see what people would say, and, surprisingly, nobody said anything,” Turner said.

And people like Combs agree in thinking that men wearing makeup should be a small deal. “If men enjoy doing their makeup as much as someone like me does, they should do it and not have a burden be put on them for it,” Combs said.

Of course, society pushes men like Charles to not become makeup artists, to be manly men and leave stuff like that to the ladies. People make assumptions too quickly to be able to see why people do what they do.

“Many people during this time are very judgemental about what others wear, their intelligence and simply who they are,” Gaines said.

And CoverGirl will keep making strides to include more people into the world of makeup. After all, they have tried to expand their products for many ethnicities and skin tones, so adding a male representative is just another step to add another gender to the melting pot.

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