PermaDeath keeps free RPG interesting

By Braydon Stotser

I entered the realm, conducting wand in hand and a plan to get more items. I teleported to someone close to a Tomb of the Ancients and entered the portal. My palms started sweating as I loaded into the dungeon. A priest began rushing through the tomb ignoring enemies and dodging shots as he went from one sarcophagus to the next. As I was sitting in the main lobby, I looked away for literally two seconds, and I got killed by a horde of dung beetles, which brings up one big feature of this game, PermaDeath.

Realm of the Mad God is a free to play MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) developed by wild shadow in 2012. The game has foreseen many changes and three different developers. It is currently run by Deca Games.

Once you load into a game, you will see your character, your inventory, spambots and the shops (avoid the shops at all cost). The gameplay consists of arcade-like, fast-paced combat, and it is made for people who want to play an MMO, but don’t want to spend 200+ hours trying to acquire the best loot.

Although some may be turned off by the perma death feature, it is necessary to keep the game feeling alive and fun, as each death makes you want to go above and beyond the last character. Plus, it keeps the best players from staying too powerful for too long.

The game is available on Steam or browsers at, and it is completely free to play (except some microtransactions).

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