Beloved manga, Koe no Katachi, set for big screen release this weekend

By Skyler Promer

Koe no Katachi, a beloved one-shot and manga, written by Yoshitok Oima, is soon to be released as it’s own movie on Sept. 17.

For those of you that haven’t read the one-shot or manga, this is a heartwarming story about a deaf girl named Nishimiya Shouko who is bullied in elementary school by a boy named Ishida Shouya.

The bullying gets so bad to the point where Nishimiya transfers to a new school. The students realize what they’ve done but choose to take it out on Ishida, and the bully becomes the bullied. Ishida continues to be bullied up to high school and wants to apologize to Nishimiya for all the trouble he had caused her as a child for he now knows how it feels to be bullied. But what is to come after he apologizes?

This started out as a one-shot in the February 2011 issue of Bessatsu Shonen magazine, but it is quickly growing in fame, for the one-shot gave the author a starting point for the manga that came out in August 2013 and ended on Nov. 19, 2014.

The voice actor list for the movie has been released, revealing the main characters: Hayami Saori as Nishimiya Shouko and Irino Miyu as Ishida Shouya.

The director is Yamada Naoko, a young animator and director who is well known for her 2013 slice of life anime movie, Tamako Love Story. Based on this past movie with beautifully detailed art, many expect the same with Koe no Katachi.

But with that said, there is only a limited amount of time left to wait for the Koe no Katachi movie to be admitted to the public, so until then, many will be waiting for the release date of Sept. 17.

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