Plug into these apps during Power Hour

By: Sydney See

Having the luxury of hanging out with friends during Power Hour is definitely a welcomed treat. However sometimes, just sitting around and talking can get boring. Sure talking can be entertaining, but why not have more fun with your friends? These three group apps can sure make “sitting around” increasingly more fun. 


Most people have heard of the game “Heads Up,” but it’s still a fun game to address. “Heads up!” could be considered a fast-paced game of charades. The person who is “it” starts the game by picking one of several categories such as “act it out,” “accents and impressions” and many others. Once chosen, everyone else has to give hints to try to cause the person who has the phone to guess as many words that fit under that category in 60 seconds. Although this game costs 99 cents, it’s definitely worth the cost.


From the same creators as “Heads Up,” “Psych!” is a mind-boggling game that is extremely fun to play. When playing this, all members of the group need to have the app to play. When playing, you have to come up with fake Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.27.20 AManswers to real trivia questions. After the fake answers are submitted, the game will pitch in the real answer. To win the most points, you have to choose the right answer and also have your friends select the answer you put in believing that it is the correct one. This game is free, so do yourself a favor and play “Psych!” with your friends today.


“Evil Apples” is a fun card game that anyone would love to play. This game is essentially “Cards Against Humanity,” but for your phone. Like “Psych!” everyone in the group needs to have this app downloaded. The game starts with the card czar. The czar presents a black card that has a sentence with a blank in it. For example, Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.28.00 AM“The Tiger-Hi-Line has the best _____.” Everyone else has to put in one out of seven cards with a phrase to complete the sentence. To win, you need to have the most comical response in hopes the czar will pick you. Warning: this game is considered inappropriate to some. Please use caution with downloading. But overall this app is hilarious and fun and provides a great time.

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