The Body Shop offers wide range of cosmetics to satisfy customers

By: Daphne Becker

About the products the brand makes:

-All of the ingredients of the products the Body Shop makes are fair trade and can be tracked down to exactly where they come from.

-The brand is Cruelty free and Endorsed by PeTA.

-It is also 100% veterinarian!

-There are some vegan options though not obviously labeled on the packaging but the blog does provide a complete list of all products that are vegan. Otherwise when looking through products there is a Vegan tab on the side on the website to filter the choices.

-The brand includes full range of cosmetic products to choose from.

Something special:

On the website there is an Offers tab that puts all the special deals in one place so you can find what items are for what offer easily.

What the brand is known for:

The brand is known for their creamy body butters. Perfect for the dry Iowa skin. There are 36 different scents to choose from, six being vegan products. Whatever your skin type or fragrance preference is, there is a body butter for you. By using the filters on the side, you can choose what kind of scent you prefer and what your skin is like to get the ideal body butter.

My personal favorite:

I love the Wild Argan Oil Body butter. I use it every time I get out of the shower regardless of what time of the day it is. It makes my skin feel silky smooth. In the winter skin tends to dry up, tighten and crack from the dry air, but with this, it replenishes my skin’s moisture while providing a light scent that I constantly get compliments for. It makes my skin go from the sharrharra desert to normal in a quick application that feels wonderful on the skin.

How you can buy:

The Body Shop can be found in multiple places. Ordering online is super simple with free shipping for all purchases and free two-day shipping for purchases over $75. The only store in Iowa that The Body Shop has is in Des Moines, but it also is sold in Ulta for select products and as well.

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