Cosmetic company lays out ‘lush’ line of eco-friendly options for beauty

By: Daphne Becker

About the products the brand makes:

All Lush’s products are handmade and include a little portrait on the back of the person who made it and when he or she made it.

Every product is made with all natural products that you can read right on the back, so there are no chemical-sounding labels to read that put you in a frenzy of looking on the Internet trying to figure out what you are putting on your skin.

Some products are vegan, but only about 80 percent, so if that is something that is important to you, make sure to read the labels, so that you don’t accidentally purchase something you can’t use.

The brand is a cosmetics brand, but in comparison to lots of other brands, it has much more diversity in its products. You can purchase anything from bath bombs to perfume to nail polish and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Lush does not test on animals, and neither do the suppliers that Lush buys all its ingredients from, and the company is completely fair trade.

What the brand is known for:

A lot of people know Lush for the high quality bath bombs. It’s a mixture of dry ingredients that fizz up with contact of water. Lush invented them in 1989, and it is a fun way to bring colors and fragrance into your bath. Currently they sell dozens of bath bombs that have a whole array of prices ranging from $3-$7, making great gifts.

My personal favorite:

One of my personal favorite products is Lush’s Charity Pot lotion. Not only is it luxuriously creamy, it has a beautiful combination of floral scents and rosewood oil that delivers a scent that can be worn by all, but to me what makes this so superior is that charity isn’t just part of it’s name but it’s also part of its story. Every penny that goes to purchasing the lotion goes to charity (excluding taxes). Charities that Lush supports are small, grassroot organizations dedicated to environmental conservation, human rights and animal welfare. Unlike other all natural lotions, this one is self preserving, so worrying about leaving it out or it getting gross right away is unnecessary.

Something special:

Something else that Lush offers that helps conserve waste and the money in your wallet is a deal that if you bring in five of their black pots that you will in turn receive a free face mask. Lush takes the pots and recycles them by melting them down and remaking new pots. Not only is it a great way to save the planet, you receive a face mask in return and, heck, why not just buy something else while you are already there, but from what I can see on it’s website [], the only way to get this deal is by going to a shop in person and bringing it in.

How you can buy:

The two ways to get Lush are in store and online. While stores in the United States are expanding, so far in Iowa, we only have one, and that is in Des Moines. If you don’t want to make a small road trip, the other way is online. Most people have bought things online, and really Lush is not much different other than shipping. Shipping costs are based on the sizes of the item(s) you purchase. Anything three kilograms or around six and a half pounds is $6, whereas anything larger than four and a half kilograms (nine pounds) is $10. I know what you’re thinking. That’s a lot of lotion.

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