Benghazi questions remain unanswered for Clinton

By: Brennan Kohls

On Jan. 15, the movie “13 Hours” will begin showing in theaters. The movie is about the six brave American CIA contractors who fought off vicious attacks from Islamic militants at the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, the same attacks that will forever stain Democrat presidential front runner, Hillary Clinton.

When Clinton was the Secretary of State under Barack Obama, an affiliate of the terrorist group al-Qaeda, named Ansar al-Sharia, a terrorist group that worked with the new government of Libya after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama took Gaddafi out of power, attacked the United States embassy in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012. In the months leading up to the attack there were several attacks on other Western nations’ convoys and buildings. The State Department knew that Benghazi was a very dangerous place but decided to keep Americans with very little security there. More than 600 security requests from the United States Ambassador in Benghazi, Chris Stevens, went unnoticed by Clinton. She had 150 emails from her friend Sidney Blumenthal concerning Libya, but yet none of the 600 requests from trained security professionals made it to Clinton, only messages from her friend Blumenthal, who was never in Libya, who is not a State Department employee, made it to her. If she had read the letters, the attacks most likely could have been prevented.

Around 9:40 p.m. local time (2:40 p.m. CST), Islamic terrorists launched their first assault on the main American compound. The first compound contained Stevens, information management officer Sean Smith and a few other Americans. A call got to the CIA security annex alerting them that there was an attack underway. “We’re under attack, we need help, please send help now.”

A rescue team was ready to move to the main compound about a mile away, but it was denied clearance by the top CIA officer in Benghazi. The team decided to disobey orders and moved out to the main compound at 10:05 p.m. local time. Around 4:30 EST, government officials in Washington read the reports of attacks in Benghazi, and around 5:41 EST, Clinton learned of the attack.

There was a drone overhead watching the annex by 11 p.m. local time, but air support was denied. Our government watched as a small number of Americans fought off hundreds of terrorists and did nothing about it. We had troops and aircraft ready to roll. Throughout the night the terrorists attacked the annex killing two CIA contractors, Tyrone Woods, a former Navy SEAL, and Glen Doherty, also a former Navy SEAL.

Two days later on Sept. 14, 2012, Clinton lied to the American people over the bodies of the brave Americans killed in the attacks. “We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with.”

The attack was not in retaliation for an anti-Islamic video. It was not a spontaneous protest as the Obama administration led the public to believe. It was a premeditated attack against our embassy.

Clinton knew the truth, but that’s not what she told the American people. In her testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Jan. 23, 2013, Clinton shouted the words, “At this point what difference does it make?”

What difference does it make? Well, the fact that four Americans were killed in a coordinated terrorist attack, and Obama and Clinton both lied and blamed it on a spontaneous protest inspired by a video makes it a little bit important.

Last October, Clinton testified before the House Select Committee on Benghazi where emails from her “wiped” server were presented. In an email to her daughter on the night of the attack, Clinton said, “Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an al-Qaeda like group.” The day after the attacks in Benghazi, Clinton in a phone call with the Egyptian prime minister said this, “We know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack — not a protest.”

“Your experts knew the truth, your spokesperson knew the truth, Greg Hicks knew the truth, but what troubles me more, is that I think you knew the truth,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a representative on the Committee.

Clinton lied over the bodies of the brave men who died in the attack. She lied to their families. She lied to the American people and she lied to Congress while under oath, which is also known as perjury, but yet the liberal media hailed her as a hero after the hearing. If Clinton was a Republican, Obama would’ve had his justice department put her in jail already.

In March of 2015, the Clinton campaign was shaken again by a second scandal, the use of a private email while serving as the Secretary of State. Instead of using a State Department email with a highly protected government server, she used a standard, unsecure server for her private email.

The main question was if she sent or received classified information on it. Clinton assured America that, “Nothing I sent or received was marked classified at the time. This is an absolute fact.”

Insert the “Maury lie detector meme” because this was determined to be a lie. In June, the state department inspector general and the intelligence community IG found several highly classified emails in a 40 email sample, not even all of her emails. They took 40 random emails, and four of them contained classified information pertaining to national security. One related to a drone strike, another related to spy satellites and others came directly from the CIA and the NSA.

She flat out lied, again, but this time the FBI got involved. David Kendall, Clinton’s lawyer, wrote in a letter to Senator Ron Johnson, the chairman of the Senate homeland security committee, that the server had been previously erased. First she used an unsecure private email and server that any amateur hacker or state sponsored hacker could breach, and then she wiped it in hopes of erasing the scandal. The FBI recovered the emails and is now looking to see if Clinton or any of her aides jeopardized national security with the use of the private server.

As we’ve seen with Benghazi and the email scandal, Clinton cannot be trusted. Currently 61 percent of voters do not think that she is trustworthy (Quinnipiac University Poll.) She lied over the bodies of brave American heroes, and if she can do that, there isn’t a lie that she won’t tell.

Former President Richard Nixon deleted 18 minutes of recordings, and he resigned as president. Clinton deleted 30,000 emails, and she’s running for president. Hillary for Prison 2016.

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