Six Holiday Phone Etiquette Tips

By: Hannah Sanderman

Block off phone free time

Have your family decide on a time where everyone puts the phones down. Either set aside a specific amount of time like two hours, or chose to put the phones away during certain events when the whole family is spending time together. For example, during Christmas dinner or opening presents.

Have a basket for phones

Start a new tradition this holiday season. Have the host of your celebration go around and collect everyone’s phones when all guests have arrived if you are going for a technology-free event. If your family doesn’t want to go completely tech free, just have the host collect devices before the designated phone-free time.

Turn off sound on phones

If you do have your phone by your side during a holiday gathering, make sure to turn the ringer off or, even better, switch to airplane mode. By the quick and easy press of a button, you can avoid the constant dinging of text messages and notifications from social media while hanging out with your family.

Play games with the family

Our phones tend to isolate us from our surroundings, and during the holidays, our surroundings most likely include our families. However, there is a way to use your phone and still spend time with your family: playing games. If the entire family can be involved with the game, this is a great way to integrate technology while still having fun with your fam. One of my family’s go to games is Heads Up.

Take a family selfie

Another way to include the fam while using your phone is to take a group selfie. Half the fun of taking a selfie with a big group of people is trying to fit everyone into the frame, and once the picture is snapped, you’ll have that memory of you and your family to look back on for years to come.

Leave the phone at home

When attending a holiday concert or church, either leave your phone at home, keep it in the car or make sure it’s on silent or airplane mode during the event. This way you can fully enjoy the festive occasion and the people you are attending it with.

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