Bullet the rescued pony fitting in well with his new family

By: Cam Grubic

It’s been several weeks now since the starving and anxious horse named Bullet made his surprise appearance on the Paulsen farm on that dark October night. As was reported in the Hi-Line on Nov. 5, the family had rescued him from a kill pen.He was quiet and patient, but as anxious as could be.

After three weeks, he is still the same: quiet, patient and anxious, but in a new light. Bullet the pony now craves attention and care. He realizes now that he has a handful of people who come to see him to care for him by brushing, feeding and hugging, and now the plans are developing for riding him.

Releasing him from the halter in the pasture, he takes off at a gallop as he is so excited to be out in the open to graze. He winnies and trots around the pasture before he stops to munch on grass. He waits every day for his two friends, the Paulsen children, to wake up the barn by feeding and working him and the dozen other horses.

Five-year-old Fisher presents him with peppermints and wraps him in tight warm hugs. Bullet occasionally has a stall mate, one of the many American Saddlebreds on the farm, which he is happy to have with him and will stand up to attitude. Regarding how Fisher feels with Bullet being on the main farm, he said he is “Great,” and quickly added, “I love him.”

Bullet’s stature has changed the most while his kind and calm personality  remains the same.  His ribs are completely invisible. He has put on muscle all around his back, and his bloated belly has seemed to disappear. He is filling out, and for a three-year old pony, he may still have a growth spurt left in him yet.

Young Fisher and his older sister, Sutton, have both begun riding Bullet, along with Taylor, a friend and an advanced rider. Bullet accepts a rider on his back and is quickly picking up on the commands of the reigns from the rider. Fisher’s first task is to teach bullet to gallop, “because he will run obstacles.”

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