“Yo-Kai-Watch” generates great laughs and great reviews

By: Noah Forker

In the anime series of “Yo-Kai-Watch,” the story begins with a young boy named Nate trying to catch bugs with his friends. When a girl named Katie calls his bug average, Nate travels deep within the forest and finds a strange coin-prize machine. After putting a coin in it, a strange ghost-like thing comes out and explains to Nate he is a Yo-Kai, or a being of supernatural strength. Most Yo-Kai are human spirits who have passed on by some strange means.

The game “Yo-Kai-Watch” follows the same storyline as the anime, but since currently only a demo is released, the gameplay is a minimum. From what has been released in the demo, players have about six Yo-Kai to use, some of which Nate doesn’t get until later in the show.

The manga is set to release Nov. 3, 2015

The game and show are much, much different. For one, in the show, Nate first runs into a certain “friendly” Yo-Kai, while in the demo you defeat three Yo-Kai, then fight this Yo-Kai as an unbeatable boss.

Besides this, we have little to go off of because the game does not come out until Nov. 8. From what I have seen, both the animes are the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time, and I can’t stop laughing. Plus, the theme song and ending song are very catchy, so I will have to give my love for this week to the anime.

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