Sole Food: Classic Jordans worth their inflated price

By: Aaron Heimbuck

In this week’s edition of Sole Food, we will review a classic Jordan silhouette, the Jordan 11 Bred. This shoe has revolutionized the sneaker game and is one of the most recognizable Jordans.

This classic black and red colorway will be stripped down into five categories and analyzed for a final grade. So let’s get ’ta eatin’ this Sole Food.

First we will take a look at the comfort of the shoe. The Jordan 11 Bred features a lightweight mesh upper, a patent leather wrapping and leather accents. The 11 is very lightweight for a Jordan retro. Overall, I would rank it as one of the most comfortable Jordan retros ever. The shoe does fit slightly smaller than the listed shoe size, so if you’re a size 10.5, you may want to grab an 11. I give the comfort of the Bred 11 a nine out of 10

Next we’ll break down how stylish the shoe is. As I mentioned before, the Jordan 11 Bred is perhaps the most widely known Jordan retro. It features an eye-catching patent leather wrapping that makes the shoe pop. The classic black, red and white colorway is simple but clean. The Bred 11s really go well with anything. They can be your gym shoes, date shoes or whatever you want. They are very versatile and work with many wardrobes, so if you’re looking to catch some stares, the Bred 11s are for you. Given that they are so simple, I give the style a solid eight out of 10.

Next we will examine the performance of the shoe. The Jordan 11 is known as one of the best retro Jordans to ball in. It is more lightweight than other Jordans, which helps with vertical and mobility. It also has good ankle support, which prevents injuries. It also features grip pads on the sole for maximum mobility on the court. It is one of the best performance Jordans made. Overall, I would give its performance a nine out of 10.

Finally, we will view the cost of the shoe. The Bred 11, as most Jordans do, comes with a hefty price tag. They retailed in stores for $185, but you can no longer find a new pair for that price. A fair price online will be around $300 with shipping costs. They go for much higher prices on well-known sites like Flight Club. If you do some hunting, you can find both new and used pairs for good prices. Make sure you get detailed pictures if you are considering buying a used pair. If you’re willing to lighten your wallet a little, then you could be rocking a pair of Bred 11s. Overall, I would give the price of the Bred 11s an eight out of 10 because they are fairly cheap compared to other retros.

So, there really isn’t much to complain about with the Bred 11. It is a simple, comfortable shoe that is also stylish and good for balling. It is very versatile and is compatible with many different wardrobes. You’ll definitely catch some glances if you’re rocking a pair of 11s. I give the Jordan Bred 11s a total score of nine out of 10.

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