SNEAKERHEADS: Senior collects huge pile of shoes

Senior Kenidee Bronner has accumulated about 20 pairs of shoes over the years.

Senior Kenidee Bronner did not intentionally become a sneakerhead, but with a closet that boasts over 20 pairs of shoes, it’s safe to say she has earned that title. “I’ve been collecting shoes since my early years of life,” Bronner said.

She has “always had a love for shoes;” however, she never intended for her collection to get as big as it is today. 

When buying shoes, Bronner looks for shoes that are “cute,” stand out in color and match her style. “Style is everything when looking for shoes. Some shoes may not go with who you are or what you wear.”

Bronner doesn’t go for just any pair of kicks. There are certain brands, quality and styles that stick out. For example, when she goes shoe shopping, she is “usually looking for Adidas and Nike.” She describes those two brands as “good quality” and “long lasting.”

She especially loves Nike because they make her look “sharp.”

Bronner’s favorite pair of shoes are the Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit sneakers because “they are comfortable, look cool and have good colors.” 

With new styles and different seasons coming out, Bronner said she looks forward to staying on top of her shoe game and adding more trendy sneakers to her wholesome shoe collection. 

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