‘Dragon Drive’

By: Noah Forker

In the manga of “Dragon Drive”, the story is based around Reiji Ozora. The story starts by having our hero be late for school, which everyone expects. Reiji thinks he is no good at anything, and he’s a huge quitter, quitting team after team.

His best friend Maiko doesn’t like how Reiji’s late all the time. On the day the story begins, Reiji is late and does horribly on a test, so Maiko lets him copy her notes for a price. The price is he must hang out with her for a day.

Despite not wanting to, he agrees and does it. His friend shows him a new game called Dragon Drive, and thus Reiji’s journey begins.

After starting the game, Reiji receives a tiny dragon, who seems to be a weak dragon, but with time, that will change. The artwork compliments the story nicely, and they have nice little bio boxes for every new dragon, and we join Reiji as he journeys through the mysterious world of Dragon Drive and find out the hidden potential of Reiji’s dragon friend Chibi.

In the TV show of Dragon Drive, we join Reiji being late for school, and as the story begins, he runs into the friend of one of the most popular kids in school. As the story progresses, Reiji receives his dragon, and, although he expected a big, strong dragon, he gets a tiny, little dragon he names Chibi. He proceeds as a noob and gains surprising victories, and we join him as he tries to become the top-ranked dragon rider.

Comparing the two, it’s very hard to pick a favorite, as they have little difference between each other. The major thing I can see is at one point a confusing thing happens, and in the manga, I had no clue who was who; however, in the show, they made it very clear who was doing what, plus they give a bit more of teaser to a future reference, so I personally liked the show more, but that’s only because it was very easy to watch and get into

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