Crafty Collaborations: Two student artists turn power hour into jewelry making jobs

jewlryBy: Emma Gerdes

Seniors Annie Bigler and Mckenzie Adams are two friends who show off their creativity and express their love for art while getting paid for it through starting their own jewelry shop.

Bigler and Adams spend their 5th hour in the art room and mess around with different ideas. They make rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Bigler is in advanced jewelry. Adams isn’t in a jewelry class, but she is very crafty. The girls look up ideas on YouTube on how to make different things.

“It’s trial and error,” Adams said. Sometimes a ring takes five minutes, and sometimes it might take them an hour to get the ring just how they like.

Bigler and Adams just started selling their jewelry a couple weeks ago. The idea to sell their jewelry came when people started asking them if they could make them rings.

“If you wear it, people will ask about it,” Bigler said. She said it makes for easy advertisement.

The girls made a website on Etsy to sell their jewelry. Their online store is named Gypsy Sisters Boutique. Their name comes from both Bigler and Adams’ love for the gypsy style.

“We both love gypsy style clothes and accessories, and so we wanted to make stuff that reflected that,” Bigler said.

Also, Adams’ great grandmother was very into the gypsy style, which added significance and meaning to the name. “Sisters. There’s two of us, and it just works,” Adams said.

The best way to get ahold of them to buy something is asking them at school. This way customers can pick out exactly what they like. Their Instagram is gypsysistersboutique_ where customers can check out photos of their products.

For those who want to order online, the website is Be sure to chose the local option online to avoid shipping and handling costs.

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