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There is a unique, unparalleled energy about the school on Fridays. A person who doesn’t love Fridays is simply wrong. However, along with the TGIF feeling of the approaching weekend, Fridays ensue a special excitement for the journalism staff — as the Hi-Line is published, we witness our project come to life to serve its purpose. As eyes skim the articles and stacks of papers are passed amongst students, it is enthralling to watch our very own stories spark interest, awareness and entertainment.

As the seniors depart through the doors of this school for the last time, and as the remaining students conclude yet another year, so too comes this school year’s final edition of the Tiger Hi-Line. As a staff, the Hi-Line would like nothing more than to extend a sincere thank you to the readers — to you, and to the rest student body here at Cedar Falls High School. This is a publication made by students for students, and there is something incredibly special about that.

Here, you and your peers are represented in all your glory. High school life may sound mundane on the surface; however, it is obvious to those of us who live it that there are exciting and important things happening around us every day, packed with action and filled with emotion. As a staff, we can only hope that you’ve relished in those stories as much as we’ve enjoyed attempting to tell them.

The Hi-Line has allowed ourselves as writers to tell the tales of students, faculty, events, sports, issues, places, politics, literature, hobbies, food, movies, music, fashion, friendships and the rest of student life — all in an effort to pursue the bliss of writing to share it with you.

We would also like to extend a warm thank you to our journalism teacher, Mr. Winkel — the man behind the curtain who pours his heart and soul into bringing out the best in his students as they tell the stories, express themselves and pursue their passions. He didn’t have any part in writing this — however, he did arrive at school before the sun rose in order to lay out the paper and ensure its publication throughout the school each and every week.

With this edition of the Hi-Line, we thank you once again . Without you, there would be no stories, and without you, there would be no audience. We fervently hope you’ve enjoyed reading with us this year.

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