Our View: Summer’s here, so embrace your soundtrack

Our View

An undeniable infatuation with summer exists due in part to lightened schedules and intoxicating sunrays. But it also exists thanks to a warm nostalgia that intertwines all the sights, scents and sounds of the season.

The short time in which these things avail themselves is precious. It is fleeting. Summer is a universal source of motivation for students nine months out of the year. A duration of time long enough to develop a new human. Because of the long, drudging school year, we all seem to anticipate the arrival of summer like we belong in the “What Time Is It” scene in High School Musical 2 (cue chanting “summer summer summer”). It doesn’t matter that most of us haven’t made many plans beyond sleeping in and laying out; the promise of sunshine and absence of studying are enough to make us incredibly zealous.

As we enter the three most golden months of the year, we would do ourselves a disservice if we did not maximize this experience. First priority is your soundtrack.

Take what you like — whether it’s from this playlist, in your current library or in the library of your friends —  and build a fresh foundation for summer.

You do not want to be handed the aux cord this summer and provide anything less than straight fire. Find wistful tracks from summers past, and throw in with your new favorites creating a beautiful melting pot of sentimentality and anticipation (and possibly Fetty Wap).

I Wanna Go by Summer Heart

How Did I Get Here by ODESZA

G.R.I.N.D by Asher Roth

The Wild Life by Vacationer

Past Lives Borns

Now and Again by Tor Miller

Have Love Will Travel by The Black Keys

Breathless by Small Black

Dunes by Alabama Shakes

All I Want by Dawn Golden

High School Lover Cayucus

Dreaming by Sea Pony

90 Regina by Psychic Reality

Had 10 Dollaz by Cherry Glazerr

Disciples by Tame Impala

Be a Body by Grimes 

Lifted Up (1985) by Passion Pit

On the Regular by Shamir

Bye. by J Dilla

Again by Fetty Wap


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