Meet the candidates for 2015-16

For President:

Sara Ashar

If elected president, I will work hard with the student body to make our school better than it already is. I love serving my school and the community, and being current student senate secretary has given me experience I need for becoming president. I would like to provide more student senate involvement opportunities in the community and bring more events to the table such as our annual dance marathon. I would also like to encourage an environment for equality and awareness for all sorts of issues because we deserve it. I can A-shar (sure) you that we will move forward.

•Student Senate Secretary

•Junior Leadership

•Women’s Leadership

•Unity Point Hospital

•Habitat for Humanity

•House of Hope

•NE Iowa Foodbank

Megan Bradford

I think people should vote for me because I not only aspire to lead this school but I strive to be an example for those wanting to be a leader in this school. I have been involved in student council since I was in elementary school and have always had a passion for helping others and giving back to those in need. I strongly encourage the student body to go and vote on Friday, May 15. I have lots of great ideas for the next school year and would love to see them become a reality. Vote Megan for president!

•Student Senate

•Girl’s Leadership

•Student Advisory Committee





•Community Main Street Events


•Jiva Salon and Spa

•Next Generation Wireless

For Vice President

Rabia Afzal

If voted as Student Senate vice president, I promise to end all homework. Just kidding. I can’t actually do that, but what I can do is be your voice and work with the other Student Senate office members and school administration to make the 2015-2016 year the best year this school has ever had. I believe I’m qualified to be your VP because of the leadership skills I’ve obtained from my active involvement in and out of school. I promise to listen, work hard and make your ideas happen. Please remember to vote Rabia for vice president on May 15!

•Student Senate



•Junior Leadership



•Allen Hospital

Michael Flanscha

If elected as your vice president, I will be dedicated, dependable and will work hard for each and every student at Cedar Falls High School. I will work closely with the student body and welcome your thoughts and ideas on how to positively impact our school as a whole. I have a commitment to Cedar Falls High School and a passion for serving others. Serving as Student Senate treasurer, I have gained valuable experience which I can use and expand upon if elected as your vice president. Vote Flanscha for vice president!

•Student Senate Treasurer

•Junior Leadership



•Boy’s State

•Cedar Falls 

Strategic Planning Team

For Secretary

Grace Gubbrud

I am very involved inside and outside of school, so I think I would be a good representative of Cedar Falls High School. I am a hard worker and always remain determined while accomplishing goals. Also, next year will be my senior year, so I want to have this chance to give back to the community before I graduate.

•Student Senate



•Junior Leadership

•Tiger Pals



•Parabola Youth Theater

•Sprinkle of Love Cookies

Abbie Lund

You should vote for me because I’m involved in many different groups at Cedar Falls, so I’ll be able to make good decisions for the school. I was also involved in student council throughout middle school. I was president freshmen year, and the secretary before that, so I have experience in student government. I’m also on many teams, so I am a good “teammate,” and hear out everyone’s ideas before sharing mine. Altogether, I want to be involved in school, have a voice that can be heard and through that allow other students’ voices to be heard as well.





•Student Senate

•Women’s Choir

•Jazz Choir




For Treasurer

Justin Gray

I strongly encourage voters to elect me as treasurer.  I am involved in school leadership groups, and I have experience handling finances through my job at the airport.  This year I am nominated for a flying scholarship and have taken part in the CFHS Honor Ceremony.  I enjoy working with new students and discussing new ideas for the school among my peers.  The goal of my campaign for the treasurer position is to have the opportunity to listen to my peers and make actual improvements to events such as bake sales, fundraisers and concessions.

•Student Pilot


•Cross Country

•Student Senate



Makenzie Nichols

Students should vote for me because I’m very dedicated to Student Senate and I really love to do things to help in our community and to improve our school. I enjoy being able to make a positive impact on people throughout the school building. I’m always very happy to take on more projects for the school. The idea of getting students more involved with their community is very pleasing. I’m a very responsible person and a go-getter. Being involved in the activities and extracurriculars offered at CFHS is one of the most important things to me.

•Student Senate

•Sophomore Leadership



•Junior Olympics

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